New Vehicle

The following documents and information are required:
• Manufacturers’ certificate of origin properly assigned to the buyer by the selling dealer

• Application for vehicle title/registration TC 96-182. If using total consideration as usage tax value, Total Consideration portion must be completed by the seller, the seller must sign and have their signature notarized.

• Window sticker or dealer invoice showing MSRP plus options & destination charges if not using Total Consideration as usage tax value.

• Certified Sheriff Inspection of serial number if purchased out of state.

• Proof of Current Kentucky Liability Insurance. Effective date must be within 45 days of the day the card is presented to the clerk.

• Social Security number for each party listed on title or federal ID number for companies.

• Title lien statement TC96-187E, if applicable

Any delinquent property tax owed may prohibit title/registration.


Property tax for your vehicles, trailers and boats are assessed by the Property Valuation Administrator on January 1st of each year. Property tax is paid along with your registration renewal.

Advalorem taxes on vehicles shall become delinquent following the earlier of the end of the month in which the registration is due or the last day of the second calender month following the month in which a vehicle was transferred.


A 6% Kentucky road usage tax will be collected on purchase price

 – OR –

net cost with trade

 – OR – 

90% of window sticker.


$21.00 Plate fee *
$22.00 Lien filing fee,if applicable**
$ 9.00 Title fee
$ 2.00 Clerk notarization fee
$ 5.00 Inspection

*License fee is pro-rated to customers birth month

**$2.00 Penalty for Liens dated over 20 days.

Note: You can pay $16.00 extra and receive a title in 3-5 days. If pending a lien, the title will not mail within the 3-5 days. Title will mail upon filing of the lien.

Special plates and Personalized plates are available for additional fees. Please see navigation on the right for design and pricing.


Cash, Certified Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, Personal Checks (No Out of State Checks) and Credit Card.
Note: A $2.50 convenience fee is charged to all debit card transactions and a 2.5% convenience fee is charged for all credit card transactions.Visa is accepted as Debit only.

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