Out of State Boat

The following documents and information are required:

• Original Title Properly signed by the seller.

• Application for title/registration Boat Application TC 96-184
• Title Lien Statement TC96-187E, if applicable

• Proof of Sales/Use Tax Paid to the dealer, if purchased from a dealer.

• An invoice if purchased from a dealer or company.

• Social Security Number for each party appearing on the title or federal ID tax number for companies

Some states do not issue boat titles. Contact the County Clerk’s office at 270-444-4700 to determine if the state does. If the state does not title boats, you will need to supply the County Clerk with the registration in the sellers name and a signed and notarized bill of sale.

If the seller has lost their title, they will need to apply for a duplicate from the state that issued the title.

Any delinquent property tax owed may prohibit title/registration.

Boat trailers are required to be titled, they are not required to be licensed.


Property tax for your vehicles, trailers and boats are assessed by the Property Valuation Administrator on January 1st of each year. The property tax is due in the month of April along with the registration fee.

Advalorem taxes on boats shall become delinquent following the earlier of the end of the month in which the registration is due or the last day of the second calender month following the month in which a boat was transferred.


$ 9.00 Kentucky Title Fee
$ 22.00 Title Lien, if applicable
$ 2.00 Notarization of Title Application

Note: You will be charged 6% Sales Tax for Boats Purchased from out of state dealers or companies. If you paid tax to the state it was purchased in, you will be given credit for the tax


Registration Fees will be calculated according to length of boat and type of motor.

Registration Fees

$ 20.00 Trolling Motors
$ 31.00 1 foot to 16 feet ( 1 foot thru 15 feet 11 inches)
$ 50.00 16 feet to 26 feet (16 feet thru 25 feet 11 inches)
$ 60.00 26 feet to 40 feet (26 feet thru 39 feet 11 inches)
$ 76.00 40 feet and over
$ 53.00 Any class with inboard or inboard/outboard motors. Water Jet

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