Kentucky Boat Transfer

The following documents and information are required:

• Original title with assignment of title properly completed. Boats cannot be transferred if there are any unreleased liens appearing on the title of the boat. (Kentucky began titling boats in 1990)

• Boat Application TC 96-184 properly signed and notarized. Titles in two names joined by “AND” (as opposed to “OR”) require both signatures

• Social Security Number for each party appearing on the title or federal ID tax number for companies

• Title Lien Statement TC96-187E, if applicable

Delinquent taxes owed by either seller or buyer may prohibit transfer until the taxes are paid.

Boat trailers are required to be titled, they are not required to be licensed.


NOTE: Property Tax: All boats are assessed January 1 of each year. The January 1 owner of record is responsible for the tax for that year even if the boat is transferred to a new owner.

Advalorem taxes on boats shall become delinquent following the earlier of the end of the month in which the registration is due or the last day of the second calender month following the month in which a boat was transferred.


$ 18.00 Kentucky Transfer Fee
$ 22.00 Title Lien, if applicable
$ 2.00 Notarization of Title Application

Registration Fees will be calculated according to length of boat and type of motor.

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